Mad Dog Wrestling Club

Mad DogWelcome to the Mad Dog Wrestling Club (MDWC) ! We are a non-profit amateur wrestling club located in W.Newton, MA. that offers young athletes the opportunity to participate and excel in one of the world's oldest sports. The club is open to any athlete - [Grade 2 - 12th] who wish to learn the fundamentals of collegiate style (Folkstyle) wrestling and/or fine tune already learned skills so they can move to the next level

Practices are designed to be both challenging and instructive while maintaining a high level of fun in a supportative, team environment. All wrestlers are instructed on proper stretching, conditioning, nutrition and wrestling techniques. The more a wrestler drills techniques, the stronger they will become, the better he/she will be and the more fun he/she will have. We expect all of our wrestlers to work hard and commit themselves to being the best, not only on the mat but in the classroom and community.

MDWC wrestlers are expected to maintain high standards in sportsmanship, a positive attitude and a good work ethic. It is how you win and lose that demostrates attitude and character.

Wrestling is a sport that requires hard work and dedication, but provides the wrestler with benefits that go beyond the mat and last a lifetime which include; self-confidence, determination, good work ethic, pride, sportsmanship and teamwork. Our goal is not only to promote the sport of wrestling, but to promote a life-long love of the sport in each of our wrestlers as well as develop the next generation of successful athletes.

If your child is about to become a “wrestler” and this is your first real experience with this sport, you will want to know what is happening as you watch from the bleachers, what to expect as the match progresses, and how to react when your child comes off the mat. Wrestling 101 provides information and more and is the first step toward maximizing the benefit your child may experience as they explore this new and exciting sport.

Please visit Our Programs page for information regarding on our youth and high school programs.